That’s a question we will gladly answer. We strongly believe in high standards for quality, sustainability and pleasure. Of course, we know that you will not even consider artificial turf unless your neighbours cannot see the difference between artificial and natural. Well, we have got good news for you.

With the development of 20 years, Shengjie achieve great breakthrough in trade. We have team on network marketing. At first, we only did large business to business. Today, customers can purchase our artificial plants products directly from our online store, such as Alibaba,Tmall, our online retailer store can offer more convenient shopping experience. Shengjie also establish warehouse and showroom in China, So customers have the opportunity to see our products by yourselves.
Since its foundation in 1998,shengjie has become the market leader in innovative artificial plant. We are operating in more than 45 countries worldwide. Millions of people are enjoying the benefits of our artificial plant in their gardens, local parks or playgrounds.

As a mature enterprise, we devote ourselves into the development of product, the quality of our product and client demand, and we wish you become the next one.
Creative, This is just match with the design philosophy of Shengjie's product. Our product can present effect picture like crop circle if you(we) cut, match and regroup them again. It will make an impression. Our products design is far more than that, depend on different surroundings and your demand.
20 Years Production ability
Artificial grass is based on a mixture of plastic granules and additives like UV stabilisers and colouring agents. This mixture is heated and pressed through an extruder head under pressure. This process results in the creation of individual synthetic fibers. The shape of the fibers is determined by the extruder head. Roughly speaking, there are two types of fibers: fibrillated and monofilament. The mix of synthetic materials used differs per product and supplier and ultimately determines the quality of the end product.
Landscape Solutions bv manufactures Royal Grass. The fibers used are produced exclusively by TenCate for Royal Grass. Also see About Royal Grass for more information. Royal Grass offers various types of artificial grass designed specifically for private gardens, public landscaping and playgrounds. Royal Grass is a patented and protected trademark. The process described above has been used since the introduction of artificial grass in the 1970s.
The principle is similar to a sewing machine and the process is called tufting. The type of fiber, fiber height, distance between the needles, etc. determines the appearance of the turf and suitable usages. To secure the grass fibers in the backing, a liquid mixture is added, which is then hardened in an oven. This fixates the fibers. At this point, the grass roll has earned the name artificial turf and is ready for sale and installation.
Colouring the world green
This is what we offer at Shengjie

This is what we offer at Shengjie


With a committed professional team, we are able to provide all kinds of information and services as below:

* Over 12 years of proven experience
* Safe for the environment and respect for nature
* UV stability and colour-fastness so the plastic plant will not discolour.
* Specially selected raw materials of the highest quality. The materials had already proven their worth in other applications.
* Safety: no heavy metals, such as lead or zinc, or other substances in the raw materials. Our plant is 100% safe for its users.

To guarantee good products quality, and provide satisfactory service, all steps from material selection to final shipping are under strict supervisory control. Your suggestion and supervision are also welcomed.
Our clients

Our clients


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