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Looking forward to,

Looking forward to,

The pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer,

It's time to go home again for the New Year.

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Life is a stage, every wish,

All have the most beautiful story;

You are the best protagonist of the story.

The Spring Festival is coming,

Find the wishing tree, tell your wish,

Share your happiness.

How did the wishing tree come from?

Many ethnic groups in China have

The folk tradition of tying red ribbons and red cloth strips on trees,

In Chinese culture,

The tradition of wishing trees can be traced back hundreds of years.

Simulation tree.jpg

People like to hang red silk on the luxuriant trees,

Write down your wishes.

People believe that the higher the wish,

The easier it is to achieve.

And tied red ribbons and red cloth strips on the trees of the temple.

Represents wishing and exorcising evil.

Simulation tree.jpg

The blessing tree is not only beautiful

More gathered "Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi, Cai"

The beautiful meaning of the five blessings.

The meaning of the simulation of blessing tree

It has a long life, does not require maintenance, and the construction cost is relatively low. There is no geographical limitation, and it can be decorated in both north and south. The simulation degree of the simulation tree is excellent, which can achieve the effect of fake and real.

Moreover, they are all made of green and environmentally friendly materials, which will not cause pollution to the environment, and are waterproof, sun-proof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and easy to clean. These characteristics make the artificial blessing tree very popular in the market.

Simulation tree.jpg

What are the praying simulation trees?

There are many types of simulation wishing trees, most of which are large simulation trees. Let’s take a look at the types of blessing trees with everyone today.

Simulation tree.jpg


Golden Banyan Tree

The wishing golden banyan tree is made by imitating the banyan tree in nature. The tree is darker in color, including light brown, brown-green, gray-green, etc. Part of the banyan tree is very interesting, and the color characteristics of the fault are processed.

Coloring technology is the main component of the artificial golden banyan tree construction technology, which can finally reflect the simulation effect of the tree body.

Simulation tree.jpg


Cherry tree

Cherry trees can be divided into indoor and outdoor. In terms of colors, there are many options such as pink, white, and yellow. The most popular one is the indoor simulation cherry blossoms, which can be seen in hotels, office buildings, offices, homes, etc.

It has the advantages of non-fading, convenient cleaning, easy care, flame retardant and fireproof. The service life is also very long. If it is placed indoors, there is basically no deadline. At the same time, it does not require human maintenance and does not attract mosquitoes like a real tree, so it is very suitable for interior decoration.

Simulation tree.jpg


Peach tree

Simulation peach trees are more popular in weddings, shopping malls and scene design. The simulation plant factory uses pure natural wood poles and high simulation peach blossoms to create a romantic mood of peach blossoms for you.

The biggest headache for large simulation trees is installation and transportation. The peach blossom trees in our production are all detachable designs. Customers only need to assemble branches according to the drawings, which is convenient for operation, convenient for transportation and cost saving.

Simulation tree.jpg

Final conclusion

Everyone is an individual in the universe,

Everyone has different wishes.

Someone’s wish is to meet the person they want to meet;

Someone’s wish is to do what they want;

Some people wish to spend a good time with their family.

What is your wish for the new year?

Hurry up and make a wish in the comment area!

I believe that as long as the New Year’s wishes are made well, the coming year will be even smoother!

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Looking forward to,Looking forward to,The pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer,It's time to go home again for t...

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