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Plastic Artificial Boxwood Hedge Wall 
Code: SJH01
Colour: Green
Type: Fence
Material: PE,Stainless Steel
Size: 48"H X 48"L X 12"D
Usage: Garden
Product Detail


Durable and easy to install. In addition,installation design using male and female buckle, very convenient. Green fence is our company specially developed for use in outdoor, with ultraviolet the dropoff cold heat aging resistance, and has the very good flame retardant performance, product non-toxic tasteless. We are in pursuit of product quality and customer pursuit is the quality of life.

Product feature:

*Artificial & lifelike. It is made of recycleable plastic and lifelike.

*Weather-resistant, it can be used in all weather conditions.

*Durable. Artificial hedge has more than 5 years service time.

* Artificial hedge is quick and easy to install.

Product Type:Artificial Boxwood Hedge
Total height:3.3ft
Feature:High Simulation;Durable
Certificate:ISO9001 and ISO14001
Shipping way:DHL,TNT,FedEx,Ups, EMS,SF within 4-7 days, ocean shipping within 30-45 days

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